LA's Original Entertainment Industry Synagogue


RABBI JOSEPH TELUSHKIN is an author whose works have sold more than half a million copies -- among them, "Heaven's Witness," co-written with Allen Estrin. He has also written for the Emmy award-winning television series, The Practice, and co-wrote (again with Allen Estrin) an episode of Touched by an Angel especially for synagogue member, Kirk Douglas, about an 83-year-old man experiencing a crisis of faith. The rabbi's contemporary work, "A Code of Jewish Ethics, Vol. 1," is a major contribution to our culture. “A Code of Jewish Ethics, Vol. 2” was released in March 2009. In 2008, Rabbi Telushkin released, “Jewish Literacy, Revised Edition,” widely recognized as one of the most respected and indispensable reference books on Jewish life, culture, tradition, and religion.
He lectures throughout the United States and abroad and commutes semi-monthly to Los Angeles where he shares our Bimahh with Rabbi David Woznica in conducting Shabbat services at the American Jewish University for Synagogue For The Performing Arts. High Holy Day services are conducted at The Pickwick Gardens. The rabbi has been our spiritual leader since 1993. During that time, he was named by Talk Magazine as one of the 50 best speakers in America. Most recently, he was recognized by Newsweek for being among the Top 50 Influential Rabbis in America.
Rabbi Telushkin was ordained at Yeshiva University in New York and subsequently pursued graduate studies in Jewish history at Columbia University. He was Director of Education at Brandeis-Bardin Institute, a Jewish education facility located in Simi Valley. He is an associate of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and lives in New York with his wife, Dvorah, and their four children.

CANTOR JUDY FOX began her show business career working in nightclubs, theatres and cabarets. She was Rodney Dangerfield's opening act at his New York City nightclub, as well as working with other comedians such as Dave Barry, Jack Carter and Jan Murray. She also brought her singing act to many of the popular hotels in New York's Catskills before relocating to Los Angeles.

After falling in love with cantorial liturgy, as well as with her husband, Cantor Herschel Fox, this diminutive singer with a big voice also became a cantor. "I discovered that I had an authentic sound similar to the age-old cantors," she says, and the late Jan Peerce called her "the greatest female cantor in the world." She has been cantor for the Synagogue For The Performing Arts for more than 20 years, bringing her magnificent voice and exquisite taste in music to the synagogue's High Holy Days and monthly Shabbat services.


Truly unforgettable as she performs her repertoire of cantorial, Yiddish, Broadway and contemporary music, she also continues to perform at events for Jewish organizations and special musical programs, occasionally joined by her husband who is the cantor for Congregation Valley Beth Shalom in Encino. They have two daughters who also are building their own reputations in the show business and religious communities.

RABBI DAVID WOZNICA is a rabbi at Stephen S. Wise Temple in Los Angeles. With a membership of over 3000 families, Stephen S. Wise is one of the largest and most dynamic Jewish congregations in the world. Prior to his position at Stephen S. Wise Temple Rabbi Woznica was the founding director of the 92nd Street Y Bronfman Center for Jewish Life in New York. The 92nd Street Y is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious Jewish institutions for its lecture series and outstanding Jewish education courses, programs he initiated.

It is Rabbi Woznica's passion for Judaism coupled with his ability to engage and inspire audiences that has made him a one of the most sought-after speakers in Jewish Life. He has been a scholar-in-residence in synagogues throughout the United States; he has lectured in Europe, South America and Canada and is a featured speaker for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), recognized internationally as one of the world’s most prestigious business associations.

For over a decade Rabbi Woznica has engaged world-renowned thinkers and leaders in discussions about the values that guide their lives. Those with whom he has been in public dialogue include Elie Wiesel, Jack Kemp, Governor Mario Cuomo, Alan Dershowitz, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Natan Sharansky, President Chaim Herzog and dozens of others.

Rabbi Woznica was ordained at Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion. He also holds a Master's degree in Hebrew literature as well as Bachelor's degrees from UCLA and the University of Judaism. We are indeed fortunate that he can share our Bimah from time to time with Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.